If you ever set out to read Oyasumi Punpun like let me get some very serious content warnings out of the way because it’s not something I could find when I was setting out to read it and the tags don’t always represent what’s in the manga too well.


Suicide/Suicidal thoughts & ideation


Abuse & abusive relationships




Mental breakdowns

Eye trauma



All of this is pretty graphic/intense

Also nsfw for mostly graphic sex don’t read near family/children/at work

That’s just what I can think of in a few minutes but it’s more or less listed by how prevalent and severe it is.

Basically I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you tend toward really severe depression and self-negative and suicidal thoughts, or maybe have issues that might be exacerbated by reading something like this.

Oyasumi Punpun is really good though uhm… I’m not sure how to describe it but personally it gave kind of a sense of understanding and it’s interesting to follow the characters and see their lives and stuff, alongside really negative feelings from the really depressing bits (bits meaning literally all of it). It’s funny too, the funny/romantic caps on tumblr are all from different parts iirc.

For the most part is isn’t “fun” to read but it’s more “interesting” though that doesn’t seem to be the right word.

I don’t want to deter anyone from reading Oyasumi Punpun, just make sure anyone looking to read it knows what they’re in for.

If you can handle it, then by all means go for it, it’s a good story.

Goodnight, Punpun tags.

100 Togami - If you ever set out to read Oyasumi Punpun like...